At Sweat Equities and Trust Limited, we act as investors, providing proprietary funds and financial expertise to ventures while assisting companies faced with opportunities for growth such as merger or acquisition or critical challenges such as; fraud, reorganisation, financial crises, legal and marketing knowledge.

We have the ability to deliver a full range of financial services and product to our esteemed clients.

Why are we different?

  • Assist you in formulating the best strategy to meet your capital resource needs.
  • Assist in the formulation of the terms and structure of any proposed capital infusion, financing, Joint Venture, Licensing Agreement, or any other Business Development.
  • Advise you on best practices for corporate and investor communications.
  • We put power in our clients’ hands and drive the process from beginning to end to ensure the best options, decisions and outcome possible.
  • We deliver results, not excuses.


We provide proprietary/investment funding to meet the needs of our clients and deliver superior returns.

In doing so, the aspirations of our clients for growth and development are realized, and enhanced value achieved for all our stakeholders.


Our vision is to be the most sought-after proprietary funder, while managing wealth and providing business advisory services.


Investment Funding 100 %
Capital Venturing 99 %
Business Advisory Services 100 %

Our Core Values

  • Professional Excellence

    Sweat Equities and Trust Limited strives to provide the highest levels of quality in everything it does. In order to deliver exceptional service, Sweat Equities and Trust Limited strives to attract, develop and retain the best people from many diverse backgrounds and cultures.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Sweat Equities and Trust Limited has an engrained performance-driven culture which encourages leadership, creativity and accountability, with each individual expected to share an owner’s mentality and take personal responsibility for delivering value for clients and investors.

  • Integrity

    Sweat Equities and Trust Limited has an unyielding commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior, corporate governance and compliance with all laws and regulations wherever Sweat Equities and Trust Limited conducts business.

  • Commitment

    Sweat Equities and Trust Limited is focused on building lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Sweat Equities and Trust Limited fosters a culture in which the interests of clients and investors are placed ahead of those of the company and employees are encouraged to always go ‘the extra mile’ to help realise their goals.

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

    Sweat Equities and Trust Limited seeks to foster a strong culture of teamwork and collaboration with a ‘One Firm’ approach in order to leverage its expertise, resources and network of relationships and ensure that its full range of skills, insights and experience may be used for the benefit of clients and investors.